The Office

Happy Monday, loves!  We wanted to give you a little peek into our worlds today 🙂  We all live in different parts of the country, we have different tastes, different styles, and of course, different offices.  So, just for fun, we figured we’d show you how our work space looks on a daily basis – OK, maybe we tidied up a bit for these pics, but none-the-less, you get a visual of how our daily life looks in our different Cayetano Legacy offices.

Karen, who lives in Atlanta – handles all of the creative and production aspects of the business so you’ll find tons of jewelry samples, colored pencils, and magazines laying around.

Gail, who lives in Los Angeles – handles all of the marketing and PR for the company so you’ll find her office right in the heart of Los Angeles with her plush purple chairs ready to meet potential clients, her business books and her motivational quotes framed for the world to see what she is about.

Christine, who lives in New Jersey – handles all of the operations which includes managing our CLC inventory – so you can say her office is literally swimming in jewels, aka – “The Treasure Chest.” She’s an avid collector of designer coffee table books and her little shih-tzu, Sumo, oversees her to make sure she doesn’t take any of the jewelry out of inventory for her own personal use.  🙂

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