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    • vanessa

      My thanks to [you ladies] for changing the way I look at fashion. Pick the necklace THEN the clothes!... I used to spend hours trolling the internet looking for statement jewelry. Now I just look to you. You have changed my life with your jewelry…If you were to ask anyone of my friends and family they would tell you that I am obsessed with your beautiful designs.

    • carmencita

      The "Carmencita" is sooo beautiful. My mother loves silver and v shaped necklaces. I can't wait to surprise her with it. She will be so happy! Thank you for making this so special for her.

    • yvette

      Y'all do such an amazing job, I love your pieces. I always get compliments whenever I wear a Cayetano necklace… I will always be a great supporter, because I admire what y'all do. You stick to what you are passionate about.

    • jess f

      My wedding pieces came and I love them! Oh my gosh they're beautiful! Thank you so much for your hard work and patience. It really was what I wanted. The girls are going to love them.

      jess f
    • kelley

      I'm an interior designer and have to look stylish and your product is perfect. Love the handmade aspect of your designs. Thanks for everything.

    • sarah

      Love, love your line. I recently started a new job and have been wearing my CLC pieces and receive crazy compliments from my coworkers. And if they don't say anything verbally, their eyes say it all. Here’s a photo of my daughter, also a fan :)

    • Jess, Michelle
    • michelle

      I adore the stone selection… You ladies really make a difference to your customers!!!!! :) Thank you for being such a fashion visionary and having such great customer care!

    • cheryl

      I really admire what you sisters have done in regards to your business. I also happen to love all the pieces you guys have created. I know you will continue to succeed because I know you really love what you do.

    • lana

      Honestly, what made me love your designs more than I already do is when I checked your website and found out that you sisters started this great company and the fact that you are staying true to your roots was truly inspiring.

    • mandi

      I usually don't easily fall in love with jewelry, but I truly love your collection.

    • evelyn

      Much to my delight, I received my order a few days ago. What a surprise to find out that the stunning pieces made by your company are even more beautiful in person than in pictures. They are truly stunning & the workmanship is very beautiful. I am so glad I selected the pieces I did.

    • laura

      Your necklaces are works of art… I actually mounted the necklace on one of the walls in my apartment (where it hangs when I am not wearing it). It looks totally awesome!

    • josselyne

      You should see heads turn when I wear any of your pieces, they are so unusual and so beautiful. I think I have about 10 or 11 pieces and even though I am running out of room, I will be buying more…. The work in each of the necklaces is just immaculate. Thanks again Ladies for a job well done. You made my day!

    • cathy

      I received THE ring today and it is absolutely stunning, especially when the light hits it. What amazing talent and I wish great success in your future designs and endeavors. The only problem I see is when my daughter sees it, she is gonna want it.

    • solange

      I needed to take a moment and publicly thank you ladies. I have purchased a few necklaces from you over the last few months (all of which are fabulous and I love!) and almost 2 weeks ago my family was displaced from Hurricane Sandy. Yesterday, we found out that our electric was finally being turned back on for the first time in 10 days and that our home was safe to return to and stay at. Today was a lot of unpacking as we were staying with friends while 5 feet of water came through our home and destroyed our belongings. In the midst of unpacking and cleaning today, our mailman stopped and gave me a package from Cayetano Legacy Collection. (My initial thought was, oh my gosh - what did I order that I forgot about? haha) But when I opened it and saw the lovely hand-written thank you note and the beautiful necklace, I was almost brought to tears. You timing was perfect and as I was standing in mud, surrounded by destruction and homes destroyed by mother nature, it was a nice glimpse of the future. Our area will be beautiful again and you can bet yourselves that my husband and I will have a date night soon when I will be able to look fabulous in my new necklace! Thank You so much! You have no idea how your wonderful gesture completely changed my day! I'm a customer for life! Xoxo