Holiday Treats

Ghiradelli peppermint brownies We love baking-especially at this time of year.  (Incase you didn’t realize by now, the three of us have  BIG sweet tooth) There’s always a cookie swap, a cookie decorating party, a house party where we want … Continued


So, we’re back tracking a bit….we’ve been traveling non-stop these past few weeks so we haven’t had a chance to update this.  What we thought was going to be a whirlwind tour on a jetplane started off completely different.  Because … Continued


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Thank you so much for following Cayetano Legacy Collection, Inc!!  CLC was founded by three sisters Karen Cayetano Leano, Gail Cayetano and Christine Cayetano Brigino, after recognizing a need for women’s jewelry and handbags showcasing the beautifully sourced material from … Continued