Along For the Ride at a Private Trunk Show

We have such an amazing team of Creative Strategists here – smart, witty and stylish women who represent our brand to a ”t”.  Dawn (, our Creative Strategist who manages our sunny Los Angeles market, describes here what it’s like to handle just one part of her job, running private trunk shows (and this is in addition to the press opportunities she secures, boutique relationships that she manages, looking fabulously well dressed all the time, etc., etc., etc.!).  Here is just one snapshot into the life of our CS’s. 

The Cayetano Sisters
I always enjoy hosting private trunk shows.  It’s nice when someone is gracious enough to open up their home.   Often times the area I am provided with varies in size and space, so it can be a lot of fun getting creative.  I look forward to how best to show off our beautiful and sparkling jewels!

I wanted to give you a look into one of these shows, and an outdoor one no-less. It was a beautiful sunny Southern California winter’s day (temps in the mid-60’s), and I wanted to showcase our pieces in a way that would best catch the light and draw the ladies over to the show once they arrived.

I set up the table in mini “themes”. At one end of the table, I featured a variety of pieces in a small trunk. From that point the shopper would flow into our recently launched Spring ’13 Collection which includes our new clutches featuring the color of the season – emerald green! 
Our Spring ’13 Collection also includes statement necklaces in rose, turquoise, and purple as well as our new bangles and cuffs. I also included framed pictures of some of our recent press features (inclusion in Harper’s Bazaar and other media outlets) throughout the display.

As you move further along the display, the shopper then moves into our Holiday ’12 sale necklaces and our Classics Collection. For this particular show I didn’t group these items by color, it was more of how all the pieces flowed together as a whole in style and color. I also placed several pieces on our black bags to form a nice contrast against the white cloth of the table. I will say, that typically, I feature the pieces on our bags with or without the white cloth. It really sets off the jewelry!
Finally, at the other end of the table, the shopper saw a mix of more of our Classic and Sale pieces. I also used my iPad to feature a slideshow with music to give that ambiance of shopping in a small boutique.

When the ladies walked in – with the sun sparkling off the German crystals – they were immediately drawn to our jewels. This particular space allowed me to show a large variety of Cayetano Legacy Collection pieces in a beautiful way and everyone remarked on how gorgeous everything looked in this setting!! 🙂  Hope you like! 

– Dawn

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