Layering Effect

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Olivia Palermo -stylista well known for her innate fashion sense

You are all probably just as confused as we are with this wacky fall weather. One day we’re having a snowstorm and the next its 70 degree weather.  Just when we cleaned out our closets and put away our summer clothes, the sun decides to melt the snow away make a strong appearance. 

This is why layering is always the best fashion solution.  Layering gives a casual-cool vibe, aside from being very practical.  It forces us to create new combination with old clothes.  It allows us to mix different seasons of clothes and increasing the chances of a whole new look without spending extra money on a whole new wardrobe. 

Here are a few tips on how to work the look.

Mix textures – chunky cable knits are all the rage right now.  mix this with lightweight simple tops underneath so they don’t compete with each other or look too bunchy.  way cool tights with geometric designs are also in season – these would be great to layer with a cool boho dress and a furry vest.  Get creative!

Pair dressy with casual – we’re girls, we can’t help it, shiny things catch our eye – whether its a sequins tank top, an embellished blazer, or even sequins shorts.  Sometimes we don’t have parties every weekend to wear it to, so – instead of waiting for that perfect moment – wear it on a regular day – pair those with laid back finds, use skinny jeans or leggings to tone down an embellished top.  Use a cotton tee with dolman sleeves or an off the shoulder cotton tee to compliment sequins shorts.

– Show off your waist – having a lot of layers adds bulk to our outfits – a great tip to help avoid looking frumpy is to add a great belt.  You can use this over a cardigan and a dress.  It helps give your look a polished finish. 

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