{How To} Braid Bun

One of our fun and fabulous Creative Strategists – Jess – who represents the Philly region had the best no fuss hairstyle last week.  She said it was so easy she even shared a tutorial for all of us!!!  Love her!

The Braid Bun, once perfected, can be done in under 1 minute!  It’s easy, chic and perfect for keeping the hair off your neck in the Summer heat! Enjoy!!

What you’ll need: A hair tie.  That’s it!

Step 1: Braid your hair to the very ends.  Pinch the end of your braid to avoid any loosening.

Step 2: Keep the braid pinched and begin wrapping it counter-clockwise (right-handed) or clockwise (left-handed) as you would a traditional bun.

Step 3: Once it feels secure and the braid is wrapped into a bun, tuck the pinched pieces of hair into the bun, hold the bun in place and use a hair tie to secure it.  Make sure the hair tie holds down the ends of your hair or the braid bun will fall out.
Step 4: Enjoy the compliments on your adorable new ‘do! 

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