The Jet-Setter

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These next few weeks will be hectic to say the least.  Between the 3 of us sisters,
we will be traveling to 6 different cities within the U.S. and to one international
destination – all within a span of 2 weeks.  Yikes!
From attending conferences, to fashion shows, to morning show interviews,
to visiting our suppliers, we will be quite the jet-setters. 
Just for fun, we decided to give you a sneak peak
of each of our “must-haves” on our carry-on.  Considering the airport will be our
second home, these bags will be our best friends for the time being. 
 Tell us, which bag and its contents looks most like yours?

Karen’s Travel must haves

Karen's travel must haves

Gail’s Travel must haves
Gail's Travel Must Haves

Christine’s Travel must haves

Christine's Travel Must Haves

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