Street Style

Hanneli Mustaparta
One of the world’s most famous fashion blogger –
known for her impeccable street style

Street Style really is an art.  Looking effortless and casual while looking chic – and NOT frumpy – is something most people have to perfect.  We found this great article from  with great info on street style and street fashion:

So What Exactly is Street Fashion?

It’s style created by youth culture – mostly by young people on the streets of large urban areas. They don’t necessarily follow what’s “in” but they often put together outfits that reflect their personality and mood. And since since they create an outfit based completely on their persona, it looks really good because they feel comfortable in it! It is usually a bit eclectic – very mixed but up-to-date.


How Do You Achieve Street Style?

You’ll have to experiment and express yourself with pieces that reflect your personality.
Mix your overall style with quirky and unconventional pieces that reflect your “other personality”.  It’s a lot about putting together an outfit that has a “hook”.
Street fashion is all about looking casual, showing personality and having fun!

We were loving all the submits of people’s own street style
 using our necklaces that we thought – why not showcase our loyal customers
 and followers in our Cayetano Legacy Collection pieces.  Why not show
 you our designs in action?  So  – we’re so excited to announce that we’re
creating a “street style” page on our website where you can see how people around the world are incorporating our CLC designs int their everyday style. 
 So, without much further adeui, we’d like to introduce you to:

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