Holiday Dress Tips

December is here!!!  That means tons of holiday parties and chances to dazzle and shine.   We wanted to share some great tips on how to look fab during your holiday party.  Ready..Set..Go!!

Add Sparkle – add some element of sparkle to your outfit.  You can use a sequins blazer, a skirt, sequins tank top, or even a full on sequins dress – bling it! Or maybe if too much flash isn’t your style, use cardigans with rhinestone buttons to dress up your look.

Textured fabrics– velvet is a lush wintery fabric – wear a great velvet blazer with a flirty mini skirt or you can even don a velvet pant for a menswear inspired look that’s all the rage this season.  Lace and satin  are other great options to dress up your look

Don’t underestimate accessories! If you’ve never had a chance to wear those Christian Louboutin look a like glitter shoes (don’t judge – we actually own a pair) – this is your chance

– Wear that “Gossip Girl” sequined headband you’ve been dying to wear

– Add a big statement necklace to your sheath dress – this instantly changes your look from day to night

– Use brooches – these jewelry pieces are so versatile – we’ll have to write up a whole new blog entry on the different ways to use brooches but here are a few quick ones.  Use a brooch to secure a pretty pashmina around your holiday dress – especially since this time of year is a bit nippy.  Use a brooch as a decorative hairpiece

 – And here’s your secret weapon to a fool proof holiday outfit in case none of the above suits your taste- add pearls.  Nothing exudes glamour, sophistication, and elegance the way pearls do. Whether its a single long strand, a choker style necklace, a pearl bauble bracelet, pearl stud earrings, they all add a beautiful element to your holiday attire. 

Hope you find these tips helpful!!! xoxo

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