8 Ways to Keep New Years Resolutions

We’ve compiled 8 great ways to stick to your new year’s resolutions for 2012. 
(Ok, I’ll be honest, i looked at my resolutions from 2011 and its exactly the same list for 2012 – i didn’t even realize it.  So like a mad person i searched through tons of articles on how i can stick to my resolutions this year and make sure that i follow through.  And i wanted to share these with you – incase you had the same problem 🙂 )

1) Write it down and make sure the list is somewhere visible where you can constantly see it.  I wrote mine last year in my task notes on my phone and guess what – i forgot about it.  Get out your pretty pen and your pretty stationary, write down your goals and post it right next to your computer or bedside table

2) Baby steps – write down the small steps needed to follow those resolutions.  If you want to lose weight, don’t just say i want to lose 10 pounds.  write down what you will do to achieve that.  i.e. – i will go to the gym 3x/week.  I will not eat after 6 pm.  i will lose 1 lb/week for the next 3 months. 

3) Program the subconscious mind – live/breath/dream your goals – read your goals every night before you go to bed so you can reflect on your day and plan out how you’re going to make those happen the next day. 

4) Increase your desire to reach your goals – envision the rewards – i.e. – picture yourself on the beach wearing that bathing suit you’ve been eyeing, picture yourself, or maybe your goal is to be an author, picture yourself on the cover of the book

5) Find a buddy to hold your accountable – send each other a letter with your goals.  Call each other once a month to talk about the progress and what you need more encouragement on.

6) Allow mistakes – just because you had one bad day doesn’t mean you should forget the whole thing.  Just keep moving forward

7) Set up a reward system – what motivates you?  a nice mani//pedi?  a little retail therapy?  if you meet your small step goals, reward yourself once a month

8) Make it a habit – you need to make a commitment to at least 30 days before these changes in your life actually become a habit and become a natural part of your daily routine without you constantly thinking about it

Good luck !!!!  Make 2012 your year!!!!

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