Stuff We Love: Getting Ready For the Holiday Party Season

The holidays are right around the corner (!!!!!) so of course we’re planning out all of the moving pieces that take us from work during the day straight to those holiday gatherings at night (it’s never too early for us to start planning our most wonderful time of the year).  We love the holiday season.  Love, love, love it.  Did we mention we love it? Party season, we’re ready for you. 
Here are some essentials that we’re putting on our ‘order’ list right now, all of which can be found on Cayetano Legacy Collection or Caribbean Shopping Channel’s online marketplace.  
Skinny Girl On The Go Barsare delicious.  Really.  They’re perfect for snacking on in the car driving to the party, or riding in that cab on the way to that evening’s events… We want all the energy we can get, and want it in the most delicious form possible. 
Urban Originals Avante-Garde Clutch.  We are loving structured bags and how they effortlessly pull a great outfit together, so how thrilling is it to see this hot square black clutch with gold metal frame at an affordable price?  It also comes in blue, white or pink, but we just love how the black can work with any color.        
YSL Brown Leather Case.  We are big fans of YSL here; especially Christine (just check out her closet).  What we love about this YSL case is that its size makes it perfect to throw into any purse, and whip out at any moment when you need to jot down the names of some people you met at the party that you don’t want to forget, or grab that email address of that person you want to do business with.  Yes we can type it into our phones, but we think pulling phones out during parties make us look disinterested in what’s going on.  However pulling out this YSL case makes us look professional AND stylish 😉   
Avon Nail Polish Remover.  We treat our nail polish just like any important accessory – we swap it out to work with our outfit.  That’s why this Avon nail polish remover is an essential for us; we can take the nail polish pads anywhere on-the-go to remove our current polish and then apply our new nail color.  Efficiency is our middle name. 
Cayetano Legacy Collection Olivia White Statement Necklace.  We try to love all of our pieces equally like any proud parent would, but we just can’t stop pairing this Olivia White necklace with so many of our outfits.  It’s so versatile with its white stone color and neutral beading.  If you want it to be a staple in your closet too, we recommend grabbing it now while it’s on sale! 
Mark Party Lines SkirtA black skirt is the perfect clothing piece to transition from day to night.  We found one that is both work-appropriate and party-ready; what gets us is the subtle leather style trim on the edge of this faux wrap around skirt.
So ladies and gentlemen, that’s our list, or the beginning of one at least, as we prep for the holidays!  Over the next few weeks we’ll be revealing our company’s holiday plans, new products, special trunk shows, etc., so stay tuned – we want you all to be involved! 

Karen, Gail and Christine

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