Cyber Monday 2016

Cyber Monday 2016


This art deco inspired piece consists of silver German crystals that form a v-shaped bib necklace. Enforced with black felt backing. Silver chain with lobster claw clasp closure.

Width of bib (at widest part): 8”
Length of bib (at longest part): 5.5”
Chain length: 16” total

Sold Out not rated $129.00 $25.00

A textural three stone statement necklace consists of purple amethyst, orange agate and green jade stacked together with gold aluminum wire, forming one pendant.  Brings a sense of ease and movement to the wearer.  Hangs on a gold toned aluminum chain.


Width of pendant (at widest point): 2.5”

Length of pendant: 4”

Chain length: 32 – 34″

Sold Out not rated $99.00 $20.00

A combination of round turquoise beads, coral pieces, coin pearls and iridescent crystals make this necklace unique in style and shape.  Textured gold toned chain.  Pendants are surrounded by gold and silver Japanese seed beads and enforced with black felt backing.


Length of pendant:  3”

Circumference:  23”

Sold Out not rated $149.00 $25.00
Sale! Josselyne – Taupe
Josselyne – Taupe

This simple and elegant necklace is an eye catcher for the warmer months with its warm hues and light weight. Three large agate stones are accented with intrinsic gold toned hand wired art. Pendant hangs on an aluminum wire collar with hook closure.

Medallion width: 2.75”
Medallion length: 3.5”
Necklace circumference: 18”

Sold Out not rated $79.00 $20.00
Sale! Cindy – Multicolor
Cindy – Multicolor

This hand embroidered bib style statement necklace consists of an eclectic mix of gemstones such as turquoise, brown, blue and grey agate, surrounded by multicolored Japanese seed beads. Enforced with black felt backing. Black ribbon makes this piece adjustable in length.

Width of medallion: 8.5”
Ribbon length on each side: 17”

Sold Out not rated $159.00 $15.00
Sale! Jennifer – Blue
Jennifer – Blue

This mixed material necklace is all the rage this season with a blue canvas braided necklace and multi colored gemstones consisting of agate, jade, citrine, turquoise, and black onyx. Necklace is finished with a gold chain and matching finish clasp.

Width of rope and medallion: 6”
Necklace circumference: 19”

Sold Out not rated $129.00 $10.00
Sale! Tina – Pink
Tina – Pink

This multistrand necklace is simple yet dramatic. It consists of over a dozen strands of pink colored seed beads that drape around the thick neck support for an eye catching look.

Length: 48” long

Sold Out not rated $79.00 $40.00
Sale! Trina – Tan
Trina – Tan

An effortlessly stated, elegant piece, it consists of brown seed beads spiraled around a tan cord necklace. Lobster clasp closure with 1.5″ metal chain to adjust length.

Width of pendant: 5”
Necklace circumference: 17”

Sold Out not rated $59.00 $20.00
Sale! Jaclyn – Carnelian
Jaclyn – Carnelian

Sophisticated and refined, this statement necklace consists of square shaped carnelian stones surrounded by gold and black Japanese seed beads. Enforced with black felt backing. Each stone is connected with gold toned chain, connected with a lobster clasp closure.

Width of pendant: 6”
Chain length: 6” on each side

Sold Out not rated $139.00 $25.00
Sale! Carina – White
Carina – White

Inspired by the beauty of a snowfall, this collar style necklace consisting of white quartz chips, peach fresh water pearls and natural colored mother of pearl shells. Lobster clasp closure.

Necklace circumference: 18.5”

Sold Out not rated $119.00 $25.00
Sale! Faith – Peach
Faith – Peach

Our modern take on the classic pearl necklace, this necklace is comprised of peach fresh water pearls, all unique in size and shape, artistically wired together to form this sophisticated collar style.

Necklace circumference: 16”

Sold Out not rated $179.00 $35.00
Sale! Christa – Black
Christa – Black

This collar necklace consists of multiple strands of black seed beads braided together for a subdued yet classy look; a perfect accessory to take you from day to night.

Necklace circumference: 22”

Sold Out not rated $79.00 $20.00